Winter Skincare Tips

Posted by Alayna Allen on

When winter rolls around, it’s more important than ever that we add a few more elements to our skincare regimen. The harsh weather can be treacherous for our skin – especially in parts that are often exposed to the outdoors like our faces and hands. But have you ever wondered why our skin changes from season to season?

The first and most obvious reason for the change in skin texture and condition is cold weather. With the humidity level dropping, the water we carry in our skin evaporates, making our skin dry and tight and sometimes flaky.

The second and maybe not so obvious reason our skin changes in the winter is because we’re more likely to be in places that have indoor heating. The air indoors is just as important as the air outdoors – and indoor heating can often lead to moisture-depleted membranes and a rise in nosebleeds.

The last reason our skin changes so drastically in winter months is because of all that hand-washing! Sure, it’s flu season and we want to protect ourselves. But don’t go rinsing your hands right off. The constant washing gets rid of our body’s natural oils, leading to dry skin.

If you suffer from cracked skin, flaky patches, or seasonal eczema, there are a lot of natural ways to help improve the condition of your skin. But many of them can start right in your own home! Keep moisturizers with you. Ramp up your routine during the winter months and perhaps switch to a more intense moisturizer, or try a face oil, like RealNaturelle. Pay attention to your thermostat – don’t keep it any warmer than it needs to be. And carry a sanitizer with you to save some trips to the sink – and the dermatologist!