Why We're Online

Posted by Alayna Allen on

When it comes to shopping, we’ve come a long way from the traditional brick-and mortar store-buying process. Now, people are able to buy virtually whatever they want without even leaving the house. While it can pose challenges for business owners – particularly store owners who no longer see the same amount of traffic to their locations.

But in the same way it poses challenges, it also offers entrepreneurs, like us, the chance to tap into a market they may never have been able to reach if it weren’t for e-commerce.

It’s no secret that people have joined the online shopping frenzy. The convenience trumps just about anything physical stores might ever have to offer. Despite the added cost of shipping fees, store owners who run promotions to offer free shipping tend to get a lot of traffic because it removes the only financial difference between shopping online and going to a storefront.

For RealNaturelle, our online store is our main line of business. It’s how our valued customers can request our products. Deciding to launch a business can be difficult, but knowing that you can get your products to the people who need them the most through a few clicks of a button is how many small businesses stay alive.

Offering to accept such a wide-range of payment methods was another strategic move on our part to make sure that the shopping experience of our clients was barrier-free. If businesses want to attract clients – they have to adjust to the changing times of commerce!