Why Body Butter?

Posted by Alayna Allen on

For years, lotions and creams have been the go-to for people looking to moisturize their skin. But lotions and creams are often water-based, or contain mostly water, making them the thinnest application to moisten one’s skin.

At RealNaturelle, we know the value, and more importantly, the need, for a deep moisturizer. So we created a recipe in three different scents to provide our customer’s with the richest moisture there is.

What differentiates body butter from creams and lotions is the ingredients. Body butters typically contain deep moisturizing agents like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, or vegetable and fruit-based oils.

In our line of body butters, you’ll find all-natural ingredients such as shea butter and grapeseed oil along with cucumber, melon, mango, and pineapple fragrance oils to give them the lovable smell they each carry, and the final product is whipped to make it lightweight, but deeply moisturizing.

While our unscented body butter is meant for those with an intolerance for scented products, we guarantee that it doesn’t smell unappetizing, like some other unscented products can.

If you’re wondering whether lotions and creams or body butters might work better for you, the answer is simple! Go online and order yourself one of our three body butters and test it out. Our travel size (57g) is perfect as a tester! We’re confident you’ll love it!