What's So Great About Natural?

Posted by Alayna Allen on

It’s no secret that natural and organic products have become more popular in recent years. But what most people don’t know is why these natural and organic products are so beneficial.
First, it’s crucial to identify what’s organic and natural. The two are often thought to be interchangeable, but there’s a difference! Natural refers to products without hormones and minimal processing. Organic, on the other hand, is a term regulated by the FDA—and it isn’t used lightly. If your product is advertised as organic, you can guarantee it contains no toxic or synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. 
Because of the strict regulations surrounding the use of the word “organic”, a lot of products are advertised instead as natural. Bu with no regulation, toxic ingredients and chemicals can easily slip through the cracks.
At RealNaturelle, our products are natural (at least 99% of them) – and we mean that! What started out with discontent for mainstream store-bought products turned into a home hobby, that ultimately inspired the creation of our very own natural product line.
While we can’t call ourselves organic, we are certainly proud of our natural title, so much so that we included it in our name! This way, you can easily recognize what you’re putting onto your body, your baby’s skin and in your hair.
If you’re not sure about the ingredients in your products, don’t just read the ingredients, research them. Find out what they mean and whether they really need to be in there. When you realize that they don’t, call us, email us, tweet us or hit us up on Instagram to make the switch to RealNaturelle today!