The Dangers of Store Bought Baby Oil

Posted by Alayna Allen on

If you have a baby in your life, you know the importance of taking excellent care of that bundle of joy. However, baby oil is still one of the top-selling products in infant care, despite the dangers it can pose to you and your baby’s health.

            Baby oil is made of mineral oil—a foreign entity to the body. There are traces of gasoline and crude oil in typical store bought baby oils. This begs the question of why on earth we still lather our little ones up in this stuff!

            When our pores absorb the ingredients of baby oil, it can blog our pores, leaving it inside our systems. With these toxins inside of us, it poses great danger to our overall health, and can even be broken down by our liver and ultimately passed through our intestines, absorbing much-needed vitamins before they ever get the chance to offer their nutrients to us.

            The solution isn’t to stop using baby oil, it’s to start using a healthier one!  We’ve seen the coming and going of “natural” products in stores for years. But some expose always reveals that even those products contain some name we can’t pronounce, or a study shows that long-term use can be damaging to our health.

            But natural products like RealNaturelle accomplish the same thing that generic baby oil does, just in a much healthier, more natural way. We all know you want the best for your baby, so consider our natural product and give it a try today!