Self-care during a pandemic

Posted by Alayna Allen on

Self-Care During a Pandemic

The news has been crazy lately. No matter what current events program you watch or which social media platform you use, there’s no escaping talk of COVID-19. The pandemic has had reverberating effects through our immediate families, our local communities and through the global village. The use of mental health resources have skyrocketed, anxiety levels have increased, and we’re left asking when enough is enough. This month, RealNaturelle is encouraging you to step away from the headlines and come back to the middle. Here’s how you can indulge in some self-care during this pandemic.

Take a warm bath

With instructions to limit outside travel, a bath is a perfect way to unplug and relax. Draw a bath to your desired temperature and drop in some of your favourite essential oils. Don’t have any? Try RealNaturelle’s body oil! A few drops will add the perfect aroma and texture to the water. Sit, soak, relax.

Give yourself a facial

Heading to the spa may be prohibited, but you can bring the spa to you. All those old samples you’ve collected over the years? Pull them out! Check the expiry date and lather them on. Can’t find any? Check Pinterest for a DIY facial mixture. You’d be surprised what you can concoct with pantry ingredients!


So many of us enjoy reading but cannot find the time to squeeze a chapter in. Head over to your bookshelf and pick something up that’s been on your “to read list” for ages. Have something you haven’t finished? Get comfy! If we’re going to be hunkered down indefinitely, we might as well have some control over how we spend our time.

Happy self-care everyone!