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The dangers of preservatives don’t just exist in food. Preservatives can be found in a host of products, like skincare, haircare and nailcare products. But when it comes to these items, you have to be extra vigilant for preservatives and parabens because they are extremely dangerous.

Animal extracts can be found in some of the most popular skin and haircare
products. And studies show that they enhance the danger of using these products, making them worse with these unnecessary ingredients than without them.

So why are these ingredients used at all? Well for one, they add to the shelf life of
any given product. Making them more easily preserved than they would be if the
ingredients were all natural.

For products that have long journeys to make before hitting the shelves of their
penultimate destination, preservation is important. But this is where a company’s
ethics come into play. Is the quality of product more meaningful than the quantity of sales?

It’s important to know what you’re buying, but more importantly, who you’re
buying from. Mega-corporations looking to maintain their bottom line will not
employ practices or ingredients that put their revenue and profit margin in danger.
Make sure you read the labels on every single product that you buy.

A simple Google search of some of those tough-to-pronounce ingredients will give you a clear idea of both the purpose and danger of each thing listed. But keep in mind that there are natural alternatives! Like RealNaturelle. Give us a try today.