Benefits of Using Face Oil

Posted by Alayna Allen on

When we developed our all-natural face oil, it was because we wanted to create a product for our customers that would leave their skin hydrated and refreshed. But the benefits of using face oil go far beyond the surface.

They protect your skin

Face oils are lipophilic, meaning they are absorbed deep into the skin. This means they really work to combat dry and flaking skin. Dermatologists have long been prescribing natural oils as a means of not only moisturizing skin, but getting rid of dry skin entirely. Face oils are also excellent for sensitive skin.

Face oils are great primers

The same way you prime a wall before you paint it, you prime your skin before applying makeup. And what better primer than a natural face oi? There are specific oils that work especially well, but all natural oils can work wonders for your skin before applying it.

They can shrink large pores

Large pores can be an annoying physical bother, but large pores also make you more susceptible to absorbing bacteria into your skin. Some natural oils actually work to pull out bacteria and grime from your pores.

Face oils get rid of zits

As if the first three benefits weren’t enough – face oil can help you banish your blemishes! By applying a small amount of natural oils to your face, your acne can greatly diminish. Remember to be liberal in your application, otherwise you might end up a bit too shiny!