Animal Testing

Posted by Alayna Allen on

According to PETA, a lot of common and household brand names are irresponsibly testing their products on animals. Here are some of the cosmetic companies to be avoided.


 You might remember this company from their door-to-door sales tactics. Everyone knows or has an “AVON lady”, right? While they’ve grown their enterprise from selling mostly cosmetics to now offering clothes, shoes, handbags and trinkets, companies that test on animal products aren’t the most trustworthy.


 Clinique is a higher-end name brand often sold in larger department stores like The Bay. Known for their skincare and makeup products, PETA names them as an animal tester. Consider another brand for your facial care routine.


 Maybe it’s not Maybelline? Another famous brand PETA names as testing on animals. We see their commercials all the time. They even use top celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Faith Hill to endorse their product. Whether you use their mascara or eyeliner, you oughta look somewhere else!


 If you’ve ever been in a nail salon, chances are, you know OPI is one of the biggest brand names in nail polish. Nail polish is an especially unique product to test on animals because of the sophisticated chemicals it carries. Just open up a bottle of nail polish and take a whiff. Does that smell like anything that belongs on anything other than human nails?

It’s important to know what you’re putting on and in your body. But it’s also important to know how those products came to be.